Light Manager, the best application to control your LED notifications


left;”> LED Light Manager is an application for Android that allows us change the color of LED notification . The app runs in the background and allows almost without consuming resources, both define particular light as the speed at which it will be displayed for any application, whether WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber. Very style Light Flow .

Not only that, in the latest update also includes new features to complete an app already quite successful. Light Manager incorporates support for Gmail and Youtube , so that we can also change the tone of the LED when a new mail it.

Another feature of this app is that the support is improved WhatsApp, and now you can read the messages, activated with specific words. For example if someone says “Good evening” will be activated for example blue, while if someone says “Hello” will be green .

We leave the video that was released at the time of the creation of the app to give you an idea of ​​how it works in general LED Light Manager.

Watch the video

The update features the classic bug fixes, including the problem was when configurábamos more than three apps at once (the program allows us to five).

An interesting app that joins other that we had to change the LED notification. We leave a few screenshots and a link to Google Play, where you can download free . What do you think? What is your favorite to change the LEDs?

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Light Manager, the best application to control your LED notifications
April 13, 2014