Lionheart: Dark Moon, a RPG by turns, you can already download on Google Play

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despite the fact that the catalog of games in Google Play is immense, you are still getting more titles that try to open the path towards the success. Luckily, it is common that the new games have a fairly acceptable quality from its early beginnings, that will depend more on the tastes of each one when choosing which one to download.

Lionheart: Dark Moon is a game of the type RPG by turns descended from Lionheart Tactics, developed by Kongregate. On this occasion we have a title that holds a few nice graphics but improved compared to its predecessor. Those who are lovers of the RPG you will see in this game an interesting option.

The story starts with a guardian of a portal that leads to the world of souls, and whose mission was to protect it. After falling to the villain, the game shows us a couple of protagonists who have the same responsibility: to protect the portal. From here they begin to come with problems such as that goes to a candy store.

Gameplay simple and effective

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If we focus on the gameplay, we can say that it has been chosen by the formula more simple: use a system of simple touches. the To attack or use skills you can tap the corresponding icon twice or touch an enemy or ally (depending on the type of skill you want to use it), and then on the icon.

The only complication in that you’ll be involved is in the know what element beats what to choose the members of your team. Although, initially, only accounts with the two protagonists, from time to time reward you with some keys that allow you to summon friendly creatures of all kinds.

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Before you start on a screen, you’ll be able to see what items are the enemies to choose one or the other members, and win more easily. In fact that is translated to the Spanish language greatly facilitates the learning and mastering of this title in which, if you advance far enough, you will unlock the arena to fight with other players.

Lionheart: Dark Moon is free to download and there is no advertising, although to change that there are payments in-app purchase advantages that help you advance faster. As many games, in this case there is a limit of energy that is filled little by little. In general is a game that is quite satisfactory, but that it will be difficult to stand out from other titles already settled.

Lionhear: Dark Moon

Lionhear: Dark Moon

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Lionheart: Dark Moon, a RPG by turns, you can already download on Google Play

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