‘Little women’: Greta Gerwig reformulates the literary classic in an exquisite adaptation

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  • 'little women': Greta Gerwig reformulates the literary classic in an exquisite adaptation

    Greta Gerwig was always there. Much before jumping to the fore with its two nominations to the Oscars in 2018, the muse of the movement mumblecore had fallen in love with the followers of the independent overview american with his performances in titles such as ‘Baghead’ or ‘The house of the devil’ and, above all, with his double in front of and behind the camera, starring in and doing the times of a screenwriter, in the magnificent ‘Frances Ha’ that led Noah Baumbach in 2012.

    But it was not until 2017 that the Sacramento saw rewarded his prolific career indie with ‘Ladybird’. is A real beauty, lovely and bright in cinematographic terms, with an honest simplicity —and with the invaluable help of a huge Saoirse Ronan— led to unsuspected limits the benefits cherished by its modest first work as a director ‘Nights and weekends’.

    When it was announced that the next step in the career of Gerwig would be adapt ‘little women’, in addition to surprised by the, a priori, radical change in tone and style, many saw it practically impossible to surpass what has been seen in his delicate portrait teen. Conclusions, of course, precipitated, because your version of the literary classic of Louisa May Alcott has proven to be a wonder film to label as the last great film in 2019.

    An exquisite reformulation

    Despite being productions radically different conceptually, the ‘Premiere’ of Greta Gerwig succeeds by keeping intact the essence that made it so special to its ‘This’. All of this without betraying in no time the foundations and the spirit that became the novel of 1868 in the phenomenon moved to the cinema, the theatre, television and even the radio a million times, but changing some key points of the story to bring the story to its terrain.

    In this way, the feature length film, more than as a new adaptation for the big screen, is revealed as a sort of reformulation for the new generations of spectators that enhances the figure of their protagonists in a subtle mode, but according to the times; combining a classicism unexpectedly pure with an air freshener in a little more than two hours full of emotions to flower of skin and genius film.

    Little Women 2019 Postcover

    we don’t need more that posing —with tremendous taste— our eyes on the beautiful direction of photography Yorick Le Saux, his exquisite use of the photochemical —is shot on 35mm— and its careful recreation of the North american rural plunged into full Civil War, to enjoy a scholarship also present in the form, the text and, even, on the delicate score of Alexandre Desplat that make up the soundtrack.

    it Is on these foundations, more traditional, where the principal assigns its label as author, visible both at the level of realization —those general plans in the front, and traces side are unmistakable— as in regard to the dialogues and discourse; as fresh and dynamic as the outstanding performances by a star-studded cast in which, again, Saoirse Ronan manages to steal all the spotlights thanks to a quality and a talent bursting to the drama and the comedy.


    A management structure is enviable and who is not afraid to move forward and backward in time without remarcarlo, a delicious romp metaficcional, and a warm tone to a certain extent relaxed, which escapes from the seriousness of previous translations end of round one of those tapes that invite you to celebrate the existence of the seventh art. As I said, Greta Gerwig was always there; and after his ‘little women’, one can only wish to stay for a long, long time.

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    ‘Little women’: Greta Gerwig reformulates the literary classic in an exquisite adaptation
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    December 18, 2019

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