‘Logan’ makes history in the nominations for the Oscars and achieves what no other superhero movie had managed to

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    If we try to count all of the movies of the superheroes that have been released since, say, the beginning of the century, it is possible for us to drown in a tsunami of titles, with more or less fortune, have transferred from the bullet to the big screen dozens of adventures, replete with masks, powers, meshes of spandex and identities secret.

    The thing changes when, among all the string of films in the subgenre, we try to enumerate those who have received a single nomination for best adapted screenplay at the academy awards. In this case we have an excess of fingers of a hand; specifically, four, for, after the announcement of the nominations to the most important event of the awards season, 2018, ‘Logan’ has become the only film among conspecifics in opt to one of the prestigious statuettes.

    But, what kind of witchcraft lies behind this milestone? the James Mangold, director of ‘Logan’, has made it clear in an interview for The Wrap: take a risk and delve into the heart of the protagonist, making it clear that superheroes complexity and drama can be excellent bed partners.

    “For us, ‘Logan’ was always going to be a drama of characters. The last chapter of the arc of Wolverine, for us, it had to be about what they fear more, and that is not the end of the world or your life, but personal relationships. So in every step of the way we wanted to put Logan in a situation in which you were at great risk, which results in being vulnerable and trusting.”

    “When I started writing the film, with Scott Frank and Michael Green, was very nervous about whether our approach to Logan was going to be something that impactase to the people and if the rejected or accepted. The way in which the people have received this story has been very emotional, and it is very gratifying that we have premiered this movie almost a year ago and that people continue talking about her so much.”


    in Addition to the fantastic comic that adapts the long —‘The old man Logan’, Mark Millar—, Mangold has been recognized to have been supported in two sources of inspiration in concrete to give birth to the last tape of Wolverine to date: the character known as X-23, and the classic western directed by George Stevens in 1953, ‘deep Roots’ —’Shane’—, referenced directly in ‘Logan’.

    “The first time I saw ‘deep Roots’ was when my father got a player Betamax and we watched together in the north of the state of New York. In fact, in the scene in which Laura views the movie with Charles, the story tells about the first time he saw it, the movie is actually how Patrick [Stewart] saw it for the first time, and it was something that we added to the script.”

    Influences aside, we must recognize the merit of James Mangold and his screenwriters, who have managed to mark a before and an after in a genre so sobrexplotado as maligned, demonstrating that there is room for a film of superheroes mature and adult; something that for a long that create the studies, it does not have to do with violence and the games of chiaroscuro in the cinematography.

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    ‘Logan’ makes history in the nominations for the Oscars and achieves what no other superhero movie had managed to
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    January 24, 2018

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