Look who’s talking again: Talking Tom returns remastered

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    Who has not ever talked to Tom, the cat chatty most famous in the history of mankind? He and his friends have since 2010 repeating everything you say and being cruelly mistreated by thousands of children around the world.

    Now, Tom has returned. No, really had not gone anywhere, but has been relaunched with new graphics , better and new animations and Parental Control tighter so you can leave your children alone with Tom without worrying about anything


    Better graphics and more security

    concept Talking Tom remains the same . This animated character repeats what you say with a voice ardillita reacts if you hit him with cruelty, farts on demand, spider screen and waits patiently to feed it.

    The changes involve a remastered version 3D graphics updated more than a dozen new animations , and stricter parental controls (kid mode) that prevent smaller exit the application via advertising banners or the like.

    app purchases (yes, it has built to get more food with which to feed Tom purchases) are obviously protected by password so that children can not access. Of course, keep in mind that are based on a CAPTCHA to read numbers, so be careful if your kids read.

    As for new features, now Tom reacts with a different animation each type of food with you decide to feed him. to choose from chillies, bread, milk, cake, ice cream and watermelon

    Via | VentureBeat
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    Look who’s talking again: Talking Tom returns remastered
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    April 8, 2016

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