Marc Webb will direct the american remake of ‘Your Name’ prepared by J. J. Abrams

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    Marc Webb will direct the american remake of ‘Your Name’ that prepares J. J. Abrams '

    The past 2016, animation fans japanese found in ‘Your Name’ one of the proposals most stimulating, both in terms of visual narrative, they have been able to enjoy lately; a fantastic film which, in addition, it was a success, raising only in Japan to a whopping $ 172 million and rising as the more house history.

    At this point in the film does not need to explain what is happening within the machinery of Hollywood when there’s a bombshell international of these dimensions, and this is not going to be the exception that confirms the rule: as we told you a year ago, the feature film by Makoto Shinkai will have an american remake of real action produced by J. J. Abrams to finally directed by Marc Webb.

    for a season, Paramount and Bad Robot bought the rights to ‘Your Name’ to Toho and, finally, have been associated with the production company tokyo, to bring this reimagining of the original tape in the a young native american who lives in a rural area and a young man from Chicago discover they can exchange their bodies.

    This will be the sixth feature film to a Webb who, to this day, continues to be remembered by the lovely ‘(500) days together’ —and, to the dismay of many, by its two approximations to the spider-man in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, and its sequel—. So has spoken Genki Kawamura, producer of both versions of ‘Your Name’, director.

    ”Marc was our first choice to lead this remodeled interpretation of the film from the moment that we contemplate to create an american version. As we saw in ‘(500) days together’, Marc has a talent, tremendous to tell great stories of love and, in the same way, the spectators were captivated by the original film. We are confident that Marc will connect with the fans of the original, and with a whole new audience with the beautiful journey of these characters. With J. J. Abrams producing, Eric Heisserer writing and Marc’s directing, this project is officially with the team that we dream of”.

    Still without a release date, ‘Your Name’ will be written by Eric Heisserer —nominated for an Oscar for his extraordinary screenplay of ‘The arrival’ by Denis Villeneuve— on. Toho will distribute in japanese territory while Paramount will at the international level.

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    Marc Webb will direct the american remake of ‘Your Name’ prepared by J. J. Abrams
    February 16, 2019

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