Measures distances accurately with ARCore and Google ‘Measure’

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    The official application from Google to measure distances, name, Measure, traditionally was reserved for devices Tango, but now you can use any mobile with support for ARCore.

    Tango gave way to ARCore and the application to measure distances is updated to show us that, indeed, it is possible to make accurate measurements without the need of additional hardware. While only a few mobile launched with Tango, more 30 mobile, for now, support ARCore.

    So you can measure distances with ‘Measure’

    Measure is not much different from other applications for measuring distances by using augmented reality. You need good lighting and possibly a surface texture, so that the mobile may make the tracking more successful. The app explains all of this at the beginning, but yeah, in English.


    In practice, you have to move the phone and look up the angle until it shows a surface dotted on the floor. This means that the system is ready to start measuring. In the contrary case, a mobile in the middle of the screen you will insist on that to follow looking for the angle.

    Medirono Left: you still can’t measure. Right: ready to measure

    Measure gives two unique tools: to measure length, and measuring height. You need to drag the tool you want to use to the view and then use the adjusters to mark where it begins and where it ends the measurement. The result is displayed in real time on the line itself.

    Measurements Measuring virtual: 88 cm actual Measurement: 86,5 cm

    In terms of accuracy, depends on what you’re measuring, the lighting, the quality of the camera of your mobile and as well that you place the adjusters, but you can say that is pretty good, with a margin of error of about two centimeters. Don’t use it for the measurements of the wood that you are going to be cut for the new wardrobe, but for a rough idea of how much measure any thing.

    What mobile phones are supported?

    in order To use Measure, you need a mobile or is compatible with Tango (Zenfone AR, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro) or with ARCore. Many of the latest flagships and several mid-range premium in recent times to include it. This is the list, collected by Google.

    Manufacturer Model Notes
    Asus Zenfone AR
    Zenfone ARES
    Google Nexus 5 Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    Nexus 6P Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    Pixel, Pixel XL
    Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
    HMD Global Nokia 6 (2018)
    Nokia 8 Sirocco
    Huawei P20, P20 Pro
    Matte RS Porsche Design
    LG G6 Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    G7 ThinQ
    V30, V30+, V30+ JOJO Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    V35 ThinQ
    Motorola Bike G5S Plus
    Moto G6 Plus
    Bike Z2 Force
    OnePlus OnePlus 3T Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    OnePlus 5
    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Not if the model ends in 0 or 8.
    Galaxy A7 (2017)
    Galaxy A8, Galaxy A8+ (2018)
    Galaxy Note8
    Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge
    Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+
    Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+
    Sony Xperia XZ Premium Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    Xiaomi My Mix 2S
    Measure - quick, everyday measurements

    Measure – quick, everyday measurementsVaries depending on the device.

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    Measures distances accurately with ARCore and Google ‘Measure’
    June 22, 2018

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