Mediatek announces first receiver charged with two ways, induction and resonance

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  • Mediatek chip manufacturer has announced its new project at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. This is nothing more and nothing less than the addition of a new load receptor receiving induction charging as much resonance. As if that were not enough with its newly launched octa-core processor ..

    centre;”> nexus-boot-wireless-qi

    There are currently compatible terminals load induction . What allows us to charge this way is that by simply placing the device on a charger Qi , this start charging without connecting cable. Post and wait.

    Mediatek goes further and also introduces resonance

    centre;”> mediatek-chip-logo

    left;”> One disadvantage of induction charging we have to keep the device on the basis to load. This means that while we are loading can not use the device still touching Qi charger.

    left;”> But Mediatek has decided to go further and encourage new charging method and released through Resonance . With the load resonance, device need not be stuck to the base but can be even in another room of the house. The benefits do not end there, it also may be charging to more devices regardless of the amperage required. Is this the final and definitive method of charging?.

    left;”> Incorporating this new receptor does not neglect the induction charging . Also allowed to continue using this method to load the bases loaded awaiting resonance. The fact that this is a method of loading so comfortable with so many advantages and suggests that they will soon launch the first resonance boots. You just have to launch devices with Mediatek chips and some manufacturer will launch its own charger. If the idea works Mediatek will not take the rest of competitors to introduce load resonance too.

    left;”> In my opinion, the fact to phase increasingly cables are big steps in the evolution of portable devices. You can transfer files between your computer and your device wirelessly, why not to be carrying the phone while we are on the couch and wirelessly

    And you, do you think that will take to get this charging method, comentad below

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    Mediatek announces first receiver charged with two ways, induction and resonance
    January 10, 2014

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