Meet Google ATAP, group projects and advanced technology of Google

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    Google appreciates talent. is precisely why the sale Lenovo Motorola ATAP not included , Advanced Technology and Projects group. The same group of researchers that since Motorola started to create interesting projects such as Ara, the smartphones modular.

    This group was just one of those Motorola turned in one of the most innovative companies and along with its pricing policy was the reason for the great hype that generated around the brand. Now working directly under the orders of Google, let’s take a look at your successes and see what Google intends to do with these projects so much potential.

    Tango and Ara, advanced technology projects

    During the time Motorola a series of interesting projects were presented. , Ara , Spotlight Stories and Skip . Some of them were canceled, while others such as Ara Project is being carefully studied to see its commercial viability.

    Ara Project , is a smartphone modular system in which we could choose components we wanted. With this an incredible range of options open because our device could adapt to a given situation, huge accessories market is created and in general, apart from the fact the technical difficulty to manufacture , everything would much more adaptable and flexible.

    This project fits perfectly into the philosophy of Google, it is a simple and striking product. A pity it is not clear now whether the plans merge with MotoMaker follow up. Will we see something like that at some point in the device section of Google Play


    On the other hand, we now have Project Tango , Android device with 3D sensors like the Microsoft Kinect. How could be a Nexus as well? This type of project is far from commercialization but it sure as it evolves over the months and they come up with something with which I monetize.

    Tango moves away from standards using mobile , but Google does not want to close any doors. Nobody knows how the market will develop here a few years, what better way to investigate and to have a device ready for that moment. These investigations also include finding LCD screens more efficient , electronic tattoos s energy jobs .

    Regina Dugan and his team of researchers

    technology group describes itself as a small band of pirates and creators. A number of engineers and researchers gathered to unleash their innovations. The team is led by Regina Dugan, current vice president of engineering at Google old DARPA director and one of the most influential people in the current scenario. Maybe we should rewrite the article who rules and replace Dennis Woodside for her.

    Dugan tells about his team are a small group organized and agile that is not afraid to fail. Your technicians only carry contract two years, in which time they have had to create their prototypes and present a plan to scale manufacturing. This 2014, with the direct support from Google should start to realize some of them.

    Regina Dugan

    ATAP also hired Ivan Poupyrev , one of the great designers of the world and Johnny Lee , who had previously worked at Microsoft. In addition to the former employees of DARPA, Peiter Zatko , specializing in cybersecurity and high Paul Eremenko , Tactical Technology Office Pentagon Project and current director of Ara. They also supported the visionary ideas Vint Cerf , which acts as Team adviser.

    A ultratalentoso group, full of academics and PhD that have managed to organize to work together and make new patents that could make a big difference.

    What are your plans for ATAP Google

    ATAP Regina and report directly to Larry Page . Google will maintain all patents generated by this team and plans to invest sufficient resources to scale them. ATAP is your particular issue hardware moonshot (while Nest will be your main computer).

    Google will hire these developers who want to test their products. So far they have got more than 200 employees. ATAP is a young group , but work great ideas to try to make mobile technology leap in the same way it did a few years ago with the advent of smartphones.

    The Sundar Pichai own sees them as a group of dreamers. But this is precisely the best of them, are one technical group with incredible skills that are not bound by either the money or commercial viability . Surely we will be receiving them juicy news. Do you think someday get to see these projects or prototypes only remain in

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    Meet Google ATAP, group projects and advanced technology of Google
    March 3, 2014

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