Megabox, Megaupload’s successor, will be “free and legal”

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    will be released on January 19 and is believed to include a music distribution service like Spotify website.

  • Dotcom created a page on facebook to communicate the new service, with “unlimited space for your music.”
  • , Kim Dotcom said Sunday that his new online project, called Megabox and will be released on January 19, will be easy to use, “free” and “legal”.

    Dotcom, who is on probation in New Zealand pending the start of his trial next March for extradition to the United States that accuses him of hacking and other offenses, created a page on the social network Facebook for your new portal “Megabox”.

    “Here is the new Megabox” with “unlimited space for your music, “said Dotcom in pictures uploaded to Facebook with the promise that the new service is” free, easy and legal. “

    Last Friday, the German computer Twitter announced the launch the “new Mega” just when the anniversary of the raid on his home that ended with his arrest.

    Dotcom himself also published an aerial photograph of her mansion on the outskirts of the city of Auckland , where he was arrested with three other Megaupload computing Jan. 19 (20 in New Zealand) in this operation that also included stops in Europe, closing the portal, the confiscation of their property and the freezing of their accounts.

    “This is where he was born and where Megabox Megaupload born,” the 38-year computer account in Facebook, while Twitter Dotcom now wonders if this house will become a “Mega museum in 2052 “.



    Dotcom announced last month that it has advanced 90 percent of its new portal and is believed to include a service music distribution as Spotify portal , allowing users to upload songs and sell them directly to users, according to the newspaper “3News”

    However, the launch of Megabox could jeopardize Dotcom probation or could open the door to being accused of new charges, reported by his side the portal Computerworld New Zealand citing court documents filed last week by the U.S. Justice Department.

    Dotcom said in an affidavit in New Zealand had no plans to relaunch Megaupload or similar services until the judicial process against him is resolved.

    U.S. His lawyer, Ira Rothken, considered that, apparently for the second time, the U.S. is attacking a new technology before fully investigate, after stating that his client is innocent, said the news portal computer.

    U.S. accuses Megaupload have caused more than $ 500 million in losses to the film industry and music by breaking copyright and thereby obtain a profit of $ 175 million.

    Megabox, Megaupload’s successor, will be “free and legal”
    October 29, 2012

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