MeloCloud, an alternative to SoundCloud player that works with your local music

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    SoundCloud has a good application official Android. Works well, it is fairly comprehensive and play smoothly all the catalog is available in this service. However, it is always good to have alternatives made by other developers. Sometimes, due to some limitations, they are not as good but sometimes measure up and the app that you are going to present today proves it.

    His name is MeloCloud , as you can have adivinidado, a customer is done by others to SoundCloud. It would be easy to stay in that is a mere redesign, the vision of its creator makes using the service is just as comfortable without losing quality or frustrated to lose by different menus. Let’s see a little more detail what offers


    Combining our music SoundCloud

    MeloCloud is a different vision of the official client and is something that we discover as we open the application. There is a form to access your account and so do users who follow and lists we’ve created. Melo offers SoundCloud from a perspective where what matters is the search for content, not what we have already saved.

    In this way, we can create playlists looking for artists and topics in SoundCloud and also using music that we have stored. That is, we can combine what is broadcast in streaming music that we have stored in the phone.

    The combination of both works very well, especially as we start from a good base of content on your Android . MeloCloud fulfills its role by far MP3 player but still needs to improve in some areas. Not always create good and lists some steps are a little confusing as the configuration of letters

    It would be interesting in the future to join with other cloud services and also allow us to play, for example, the files you have stored in Google Drive. Time to time but MeloCloud and suggests ways to be an MP3 player with very interesting SoundCloud connectivity. Another interesting option, without streaming, is Gramophone.

    News MeloCloud, an alternative to SoundCloud player that works with your local music was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

    Engadget Android

    MeloCloud, an alternative to SoundCloud player that works with your local music
    August 3, 2015

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