Metro 2033: Wars, the hardcore strategy with a post-nuclear touch comes to Android

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    Metro 2033 , the original novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, won considerable popularity with video games for consoles and PC . Now this post apocalyptic story in Android land with a new title that has little to do with the games we have seen in recent years. Perhaps you think that it is a lost opportunity but what we’ve seen so far leads us to believe that the decision to do something different has been very successful

    Metro 2033. Wars takes us back to the busy underground world and mutant creatures of all kinds. Instead of bringing us into action and survival in first person, this time we will be playing direct command of mercenaries through the transport network to end the factional through turn-based strategy. If you attracts gender, check it out and not be fooled by its high price


    One of the most strategy games full shifts for Android

    The game picks up the atmosphere of the books to create that atmosphere ruined world where the only law is the strongest. Almost 40 factions are fighting to conquer the metro and different seasons. Interactive TapStar have done good work in deciding to make a game of strategy and not a half-port console titles. Had gone ahead, would have been terrible for the graphic content and would have to be huge letdown

    Our goal in Metro 2033. Wars is leading a faction and go moving around the metro to conquer territory and destroy our enemies. The game is divided into two very distinct areas : the strategic part in the subway map and through which we moving and analyzing what our opponents. Here we will plan our next steps and have a more analytical view everything that happens.

    Metro 1

    Second we have all the tactical part. Every time we decide to go to a site map will touch us combat enemies . Before fight we have to decide how many and what kind of mercenary use. Once entered the fight a battle starts shift where we have to go moving each unit to leverage our strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

    We’re Although talking about a mobile game where the games are standard short general and simplistic, Metro 2033: Wars is a complex and very deep so for us to win title touch us better understand how each unit operates, the combat mechanics and behavior CPU with his decision to attack.

    On the technical side does not look much like the console and PC games but that is not a problem. It is attractive and simple so need not include the device’s pointer to play in it . Price may take a little back: 8.83 euros is more expensive than average and if we are not clear what will we may be disappointed but we can always ask for a refund. Now, if you like strategy and want a good challenge, give it a try.

    Metro 2033: Wars

    Metro 2033: Wars Strategy games

    • Price: 8.83 euros
    • Developer: TapStar Interactive
    • Download: Google Play

    News Metro 2033: Wars, the hardcore strategy with a post-nuclear touch comes to Android was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    Metro 2033: Wars, the hardcore strategy with a post-nuclear touch comes to Android
    December 24, 2015

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