Mexican startup Mercadoni wants to take all your shopping at home

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    Mercadoni Mexican startup wants to take all your purchases domicile

    Surely we are at a key moment for the startups offering mobile services available . And this is more than capitalizing on users and investment Mercadoni, founded by Pedro Freire and Antonio Nunes, also founder of Linio team

    Mercadoni is a startup that began operations just five months ago in Colombia, however, and is in Mexico since November past and has raised an investment of $ 2 million for growth in this country . Its success and users that monthly increase by 200%, have allowed him to register as one of the fastest growing platforms in Latin America.

    With just five months creation, is the digital platform that breaks record in private equity funds receive this dimension

    To provide its services, Mercadoni has joined in total at least 50 chain stores . The idea is simple and attractive: that users can make purchases through the platform and receive in the comfort of his home in an average time of 1 hour, but can also be programmed deliveries per hour and day. The products have the same prices in the shops.

    At the moment, collaborating in Mercadoni 250 people expected in the first quarter of 2016 with 500 more. In Mexico and 100 pilots operate and work with 20 stores ; likewise with public markets colonies.

    So, Mercadoni seeks to facilitate the lives of people especially in the cities where they work activities and long distances complicate go shopping or go when and it is a matter of urgency.

    To use Mercadoni platform you can be accessed at its website or use the application available for free on iOS and Android. The current trend indicates that the use of platforms for ordering is in applications, either on my own or use messengers, which is: WhatsApp magic.


    Mexican startup Mercadoni wants to take all your shopping at home
    January 28, 2016

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