Mexicans, this is what awaits them with Pepephone

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  • Mexicanos, this is what awaits them with Pepephone

    The most popular virtual mobile operator in Spain will come to Mexico this spring. What makes it different from Pepephone and what will change in Mexico?

    The Spanish OMV is looking to expand its energy supply and its entry into Latin America . Begin by Mexico one of the largest and most potential for growth in the mainland markets. But it will be a way, if possible, more difficult than in Spain its compare the situation of virtual mobile operators in each country.

    What makes great Pepephone

    Pepephone plus a pioneer, employed a radically different than traditionally employed operators in Spain strategy. Offers for new customers, not for old, preferential treatment only when the customer threatened to go to another company, systematic ill treatment in incidents and billing errors.

    And the OMV did the opposite no phone calls when you wanted to go, not for you to go with them, no surprises on the bill , and when there were any problems, the company always took . you, but perhaps did not have the right

    Customers Pepephone received an email in 2013 where a new policy was introduced: each time you were dissatisfied by X reason, you are rewarded with a discount of 10% on the bill . No questions, as a sign of their confidence in satisfaction with the service offered to its customers.

     Pedro Serrahima CEO Pepephone

    Pedro Serrahima CEO Pepephone.

    A year earlier introduced a new policy unprecedented in Spain: whenever a customer had a complaint or doubt about billing why would default and will return the money automatically. Pepephone has a period of 45 days to clear up the matter and see what the potential problem. Again, treatment and trust in favor of the customer comes first to the operator. Forever.

    In the migration they did in 2015 Movistar networks, it was discovered that customers Pepephone had the worst service of Movistar despite being on the same network. After trying the case themselves, and acknowledge the fault Movistar proceeded to make a multimillion compensation customers with discounts on future invoices. Believe it was only fair. Although they were not guilty.

    With such treatment and the long-term vision rather than short without advertising, offers or possibility of financing terminal has reached Pepephone cuenta nearly 500,000 customers in Spain, with sales of 60 million euros with net profit of 9 million euros. Achievement highlight even further as they have a small staff of 15 people.

    The OMV in Spain

     Facts CNMC.

    Data CNMC.

    An MVNO is a telephone company that has neither spectrum licenses or own infrastructure, the ability to change network operators paying for their use is used.

    The grouping of all OMV in Spain approaches, increasingly, the market share of one of the three major carriers in Spain. Unsold terminals, or make offers for customers. Its success lies in made aggressive rates for youth that puts the data rates and increasingly common activity acquire a free terminal instead of being tied to an operator.

    A better example of the great success of the OMV is that the three dominant operators have launched alternative sub-brands to its main brand, targeted to low cost market and youth. Telefónica Tuenti has reconverted social network operator, Orange Amena and Vodafone recently launched Lowi with a curious strategy where not consume MB are stored for the next month. They have the advantage of being part of a large group, so they can benefit from economies of scale.

    However, outside of Spain and Europe, the situation with OMV is quite different.

    The OMV in Mexico

     Telconomia data. Lusacell are Nextel and AT & T.

    Data Telconomia. Iusacell and Nextel are AT & T.

    In Mexico the number of customers subscribing to a OMV low , almost negligible if you look at the picture to completely. The offer is not comparable – not adoption. – Where the Europeans themselves who have had great success and are often those who most enjoyed growth in several markets share

    Megacable and Maxcom began to offer years as a virtual operator, Virgin Mobile with which won the award in 2011. In 2014 and 2015 began to speed things up and there are several brands that have announced plans, together with operators who have decided to take their “false” OMV as Telefonica and Tuenti Hello Telcel to create an offer “young” and differentiated.

    There are very few OMV and supply has also encouraged the Mexican people to imitate the European. Pepephone comes at a key time when they are increasingly attracting those who seek their subscriber rates.

    Pepephone plans to use Telefonica’s network, as in Spain . Network already used several virtual operators in the Mexican market as Virgin Mobile and True

    Pepephone in Mexico. Supply and challenges

    The offer Pepephone is very clear, as it has been in the Spanish market. Having a network of large and do something different. Just do not invest in advertising. They do not call for your online postage with them, nor will make you a counter offer if you want to go. They also will offer a terminal with deferred payments.

    always pay the same as everyone else, no tricks. They will not be the cheapest rates, nor the most expensive. The hallmark is the deal and tranquility that have proven their clients in Spain.

    The problem is the acquisition of free terminals . It is not as yet common in Mexico, and it was in Spain, and Pepephone will have to try to attract customers who can pay in one payment terminal manufacturer and not the operator. Perhaps the popularity of Moto G terminals as input and Lumia range and help the Spanish average virtual operator in its foray into Mexico.

    Nor can we forget the purchase of the third and fourth operator in Mexico by AT & T, which became the third operator by number of users after Telcel of America Movil and Telefonica. Is convierte in the second income level and the first you consider the average consumption of services by users according to data from Nextel and Iusacell. Telefonica is precisely the more pressure in this and the coming years. Network depending Pepephone.


    Mexicans, this is what awaits them with Pepephone
    September 25, 2015

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