Michael Douglas is seriously ill, according to US media


  • The actor Michael Douglas he would be six months, as published by the American website ‘Radar Online’.
  • According to the site, Douglas located in Bermuda “updating their wills latter one”
  • the actor’s representative has denied the news

 Michael Douglas

Actor Michael Douglas might be seriously ill , according to rumors which have echoed some US media.

the portal Radar Online reveals that throat cancer he suffered in 2010 and from which he recovered three years ago have returned, and would have given six months to live.

According to the report, the actor (71 years), be in the moment in Bermuda Islands to “update their wills.” the representative of the protagonist of basic Instinct has denied the news .

In recent years has lived a family conflict, which was aggravated by cancer: he separated from his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2013, but se they reconciled just two years ago. In addition, his son Cameron, from his marriage to Diandra Douglas, is sent to prison , accused of drug trafficking since 2010.

The actor revealed in an interview in 2013 that believed that the cause of his cancer era He has practiced “oral sex” though statements were also denied by his representative.


Michael Douglas is seriously ill, according to US media
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