Michael Fassbender will star in the movie ‘Kung Fury’, the brilliant short film that pays homage to the 80’s

Kung Fury

it sounds like a joke but no, it’s real, and we must celebrate it. HollywoodReporter reports that Michael Fassbender is going to star in the movie of ‘Kung Fury’, the amazing short film by David Sandberg. The work, a crazy story of action, humor and fantasy, he paid tribute to the 80’s and became a viral phenomenon.

Sandberg was the author and the protagonist of the short original and will take care of the movie adaptation of his crazy universe. Will be producer, director, and lead the cast along with Fassbender, whose role has not yet been revealed. It is also confirmed the participation of David Hasselhoff, who sang the main theme of the short, ‘True Survivor’.

Michael Fassbender on The snowman

Since then is a project strange for a star nominated for an Oscar, as Fassbender, but we’re talking about an amateur actor to the fantastic genre that seems determined to take risks and try out very different roles, but fail (for example, in ‘Frank’ works almost all the time with the face covered). Their latest releases are not exactly his most applauded: ‘Alien Covenant’ and ‘The snowman’.

In terms of ‘Kung Fury’, was released in 2015 and has been played 40 million times on Youtube. It should be noted that the film is in motion it will not be an adaptation to a feature film short but a sequel to that will the story continue and expand. The filming is expected to start this coming summer, the moment there is no date announced for the premiere.

The story of ‘Kung Fury’ is set in Miami, in the year 1985, and focuses on a police expert in Kung Fu who travels through time to kill his nemesis, Hitler. In addition to nazis, there is dinosaurs and vikings, giving rise to a mix of more crazy and fun. Below you can see the short video clip of the song Hasselhoff:

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The news Michael Fassbender will star in the movie ‘Kung Fury’, the brilliant short film that pays homage to the 80’s was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


Michael Fassbender will star in the movie ‘Kung Fury’, the brilliant short film that pays homage to the 80’s
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