Microsoft closes the circle with Swiftkey, the smartest keyboard for smartphones

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    Microsoft closes the circle with Swiftkey, keyboard more smart smartphone

    Microsoft will pay 250 million dollars to acquire the London startup Swiftkey, creators of the famous keyboard with the same name that uses artificial intelligence to predict what you want ie, reports Financial Times through sources close to the talks between the two companies.

    the companies have been talking for months, now it is when the deal is to be closed. SwiftKey Keyboard and other keyboards that use the SDK are present in more than 500 million Android and iOS smartphones. Its technology is a pioneer and improves user productivity making writing predict the words you want to write Instantly there despite errors.

    The important thing is the acquisition of talent and technology coming from the company London, Microsoft would have a trump card in its division of Artificial Intelligence and productivity services that complements the large number of acquisitions made leading from the arrival of Microsoft Satya Nadella: accompli , the popular email application which has used Outlook, Wunderlist , the famous cross-platform task manager and Sunrise , one of the best calendar applications for smartphones.

    Despite his valuable technology, the company has always struggled to make money with your keyboard and SDK. They had to free the keyboard application to move to model freemium selling custom themes for the keyboard. SwiftKey had as main source of income for manufacturers of smartphones that preinstalaban application or used their SDK to create native keyboards that could replicate their excellent predictive engine


    Microsoft closes the circle with Swiftkey, the smartest keyboard for smartphones
    February 2, 2016

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