#MiOdiseaMario: Shares outstanding (9/12)

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    Win 5 of the 10 best games of Switch in our contest.

    there are Only two more days to participate

    Since Monday of last week we are conducting the contest #MiOdiseaMario Super Mario Odyssey, in which we challenged the users to post a photo in the photo mode of the title, or a video see how they play with the joycon. You can know a lot more of this contest following this link.

    After a week the contest launched, we’ve selected five of the entries that will advance to the final in which our jury, composed by three writers, will choose the winner, you will have to choose five out of ten of the best games of Switch.

    Warning: there May be spoilers.

    #MiOdiseaMario: Shares outstanding (9/12)

    #MiOdiseaMario: Shares outstanding (9/12)
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    December 9, 2017

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