More images of the new look of Gmail for Android with multiple trays

Yesterday hunted by surprise the first image of the new look that will Gmail through a capture shown in the Google I / O, and what we saw, we liked , but we knew little, there are more and you may even like better.

 gmail_new What we see in this capture The Next Web is the interface for tablets, which will be more clearly one of the new features that Gmail is intended to include, which is to establish different trays by type of mails. In this one we capture the same but in the version for smartphones. (Android and iOS)


Gmail smartly split our e Important which as you know to do now, categorizes the emails that creates more relevant, Social ( for messages from different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc.) offers and promotions for all that junk mail we receive, but it’s not spam, but rather stores that we like and we are signed, Updates or upgrades, and finally Forums, forums for event , comments on websites or blogs such as this.

But also have the ability to create our own trays . It’s actually a refocusing of existing labels, but easier and smarter.

Visual improvements and arranging the flow bulkier daily email we receive. Looks good and even if not a revolution, sure the change will do much to organize.

What do you think?

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More images of the new look of Gmail for Android with multiple trays
May 25, 2013