More than half of Steam users are currently using Windows 10

The Microsoft system is the most widespread.

The last major survey of Steam hardware and software, has left us several interesting facts about the insertion and penetration of Windows 10 on the PC market.

unstoppable progress

In September 2016, more than 400 million Windows systems 10 had been activated, showing the progress of the new system of Microsoft. Currently, and according to data collected by Steam and Valve, more than 50% of the users of the digital platform of games would you use such a program.

going Back to last may, Windows 10 already proved to be the operating system with the most users on Steam, beating Windows 7. Currently, the 50.35% of the players of the platform use the latest operating system from Redmond. The remaining percentages are divided into 34% for Windows 7 and a 10% for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The 1.34% is going to stop at Windows XP and Vista, while the percentage residual is split between MacOS and Linux.

we remind you that the new API from Microsoft, DirectX 12, shall be exclusive of the quoted operating system.

More than half of Steam users are currently using Windows 10
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