Motorola Atrix Introduces New HD Developer Edition

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     Motorola Atrix HD Atrix Motorola Introduces New HD Developer Edition

    Motorola announced a new special version of its HD Atrix phone, this is the Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition will feature the same technical specifications of the original, but will include bootloader unlocked.

    With this issue we can access the bat to custom ROMs and alternative abound on the net. A mobile phone with unlocked bootloader means you can support different distributions of the operating system Android hacker without the phone and also having the phone warranty if any complications.

    not yet know the official release date but considering the Atrix HD went on sale just five months ago would expect some complaints from buyers model original.

    Motorola acquired by Google, are opting for more friendly devices to the world of mod and independent programming, so it would not be surprising that a future model even more friendly for load ROMs . One recommendation would be to wait for the upcoming release as the benefits regarding Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition has no news, it is the same phone July.

    What is new Atrix HD Developer Edition?

    is supported Special Bootloade unlock Motorola. This program was specially created by Motorola to ensure the devices meet the multiple operations that users perform to make changes to the software.

    The Developer Edition removes restrictions and facilitates Installing custom ROMs for users with knowledge about the subject. Still no release date or price, but Motorola opened a recording channel to receive email notifications about news.

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    Motorola Atrix Introduces New HD Developer Edition
    November 15, 2012

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