Motorola will focus on making smaller smartphones

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    Motorola logo Motorola will focus on making smaller smartphones

    Motorola does not pass through its heyday, but the expected X Motorola Phone can be the great boost for the company, the big M knows he has to re-engage your audience; if Google does not like their products , how you will like customers …

    And the future of Motorola has spoken Jim Wicks, responsible for the design section of U.S. giant, who has revealed the company’s plans for this year 2013. Yes, the X Phone has not released garment. Well, one very small. And that Wicks has confirmed that present new models in the second half of the year, so we can assume that will those leaked a few weeks ago. But one of the strengths of the interview was when Jim Wicks spoke of the screens.

    appears that Motorola wants to make terminals with lower dimensions to those currently on the market. The screens of 5 inches or greater, are too big and make the phone lose ergonomics.

    Motorola Motorola Electrify 2 focus on making smaller smartphones

    Therefore Motorola will focus on designing smaller, more manageable devices . He has also talked about Android. Obviously Android is the operating system with which all terminals operate Manufacturer, though Wicks has revealed that there will be layers on Google’s operating system.

    According to Jim client declines to native applications to fill the memory their phones. His new philosophy is that the customer will decide which apps on your device. A great idea that will not make too much grace to the operators.

    What a pure Android without shit, pardon, which come preinstalled on phones anchored to a company is the wet dream client. As for the smaller screens , I think Motorola could become an interesting option for users who want a powerful smartphone that will fit seamlessly into your pocket. Do you think you will be fine to Motorola the play? It makes me so …

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    Source – PCMag

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    Motorola will focus on making smaller smartphones
    April 19, 2013

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