Mozilla has launched an initiative to fight against the false news on the internet

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  • AFP

    • ‘Mozilla Information Trust Initiative’ will be developed in collaboration with media and universities.
    • we Want to “combat the pollution of the information online,” announces the organization, the creator of Firefox.

    Mozilla Firefox.

    The organization Mozilla, creator of the browser Firefox, announced on Wednesday that it will increase measures to fight against the ‘fake news’ (false news), a phenomenon that he sees as a key problem for the future of the internet.

    In a statement, the oenegé has reported the launch of ‘Mozilla Information Trust Initiative’ (MITI), which it describes as “a full mobilization to preserve the credibility and the health of the internet” and to “combat the pollution of the on-line information and the false information” that “reduce transparency and sow grains of discord, undermine confidence and participation and undermine the benefits of the network to all the world.”

    The program builds on other initiatives already launched by the oenegé. It will take several forms: technologies (as external modules for Firefox) – developed in collaboration with media, online educational resources, research programs (mainly with the american university of Stanford) or the support for conferences and discussion forums.

    “we Discussed with the redactions, the universities, with technology companies and with all the organizations with which it already works Mozilla”, explained to AFP Katharina Borchert, director of innovation at Mozilla. “We expect to announce other partnerships before the end of the year”, he added.

    In regards to the media, the organization expects to close new partnerships with newsrooms to create products such as project Coral, a set of programs devised with the ‘New York Times‘ and the ‘Washington Post’, which help to establish a mutual trust between journalists, readers and the general public.


    Mozilla has launched an initiative to fight against the false news on the internet
    August 9, 2017

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