MSQRD adds 6 new masks, but still far behind the iOS version

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    Since the Facebook MSQRD bought this application to cambios real-time face has not stopped confused, and somehow disappoint , to its users. Specifically, update after update the masks of famous people have been disappearing as if by magic.

    When you’re a virtually unknown application, you can afford a license as using Obama’s face or Leonardo Dicaprio, but when you belong to Facebook you have to walk on eggshells and possibly for this reason several of the celebrity masks are no longer available .

    After several updates that did not bring anything new but it took off (except for the face swap) the current version in Google Play finally includes some new filters, ie six . MSQRD Android is still far behind in terms of number and quality of the filters to its version for iOS, but it’s something (MSQRD for Android has 18 filters; iOS has 33 )

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    can not help prove beard

    once the famous characters are left out of the equation (except Jimmy Kimmel), the truth is that the application loses both the initial grace, but there are still a few filters that will surely going to keep you entertained for a while.

    it is difficult to say exactly what these 6 new filters, then masks come and go with each update making it difficult to track, but in theory should be the following:

    • Black & black hat and mustache
    • Cap Facebook
    • facial Mask
    • flower in her hair
    • Barba hipster
    • Zombie

    the truth is that it is still a bit disappointing the great difference between MSQRD for Android and iOS , but we hope that the momentum of the purchase by Facebook-and the consequent economic and boost support this application continue to grow, add more filters, a market masks and others. Ideas all of them already process.

    In Engadget Android | MSQRD and does face swaps Android: goodbye to productivity Monday

    The news MSQRD adds 6 new masks, but still far behind the iOS version was originally published in Engadget Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    MSQRD adds 6 new masks, but still far behind the iOS version
    March 29, 2016

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