MSQRD gothic sets, adds masks football and expected “store”

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    MSQRD is one of the applications revelation of the year, so much so that Facebook would not think twice before pulling out his wallet and adquirirla last March. The concept is simple: fun masks that apply to your face “flexible” form , allowing you to speak and gesticulate

    Since then updates MSQRD have come to Android with an eyedropper. sometimes añadiendo few masks, other removing them. The user experience is a little bittersweet, because developers have not been able to add faster than it takes to get bored of existing masks.

    Now finally MSQRD has a “shop” integrated masks. This means that is more “peeled” factory, but you can download other masks that you like from the store. Incidentally, has incorporated some additional masks with the colors of various teams and soccer teams and Gothic


    masks Download from the application itself

    Now in MSQRD masks are shown in two classifications: favorite and catalog. Favourite already downloaded and ready to use quickly, while the catalog can be downloaded or not. In any case, Eight subcategories easily downloaded with a single tap .

    Currently there is a huge amount of masks in this new catalog, but are classified in . new faces, Copa 2016, fun, animals, sports, movies and emotions

    new filters

    as new filters, MSQRD introduces a sort of sinister evil witch and murderer clown. These filters are directly included in the favorites, so it will not cost you find them.


    on the other hand, the virtual support for 16 football teams participating in the America’s Cup included. In this case the masks are not too inspired, because they are basically get the flag in the face, but still easier than pintártela really.


    MSQRD 1.6.2

    QR Code

    In Engadget Android | MSQRD adds 6 new masks, but still far behind the iOS version

    The news MSQRD gets gothic, he added masks football and expected “store” was originally published in Engadget Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    MSQRD gothic sets, adds masks football and expected “store”
    June 1, 2016

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