MSQRD, the fun application to change your face in real time is already in Android

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    have you ever wanted to become a tiger, be a bearded lady or impersonate the very Obama with your camera phone? Probably not, but that does not mean you do not you can go big with MSQRD, an application to face-swap real time that just landed on Google Play .

    MSQRD apply effects in real time about your face using a good tracking moving with which you can gesticulate, move and talk while you hide under the mask of your choice. Have 13 different masks to choose from, where it includes a chimpanzee, an elderly woman, a dog, a bearded lady and Obama


    Open and enjoy

    the effects in real time on your face are nothing new, as you no doubt already know users Snapchat, but the success of MSQRD since its launch (to the extent that Snoop Dogg use it to impersonating Obama) makes it clear that there is always room for more application. Especially if it is as simple and to the point as MSQRD.

    In MSQRD just open the application and you have the field ready. Put your face in the , and choose the effect. Recognition technology and real-time tracking works very well, but the results also depend on the quality of your front camera and your pulse.


    The “mask” is applied to your face, but turn Flexible . If you move your eyebrows or eyes, you will see how the mask is adapted to show your expression, but perhaps the greater the effect achieved lips. You can speak, smile or open your mouth and your virtual character responds perfectly.

    If you get bored playing the fool in front of the camera imitating a chimp, you can share your creations with your friends either mode photo or video , which you can then easily upload to Facebook, Instagram or shared with any other application.

    MSQRD (Beta)

    MSQRD (Beta) 1.0.2

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    The news MSQRD, the fun application to change your face in real time is already in Android was originally published in Engadget Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    MSQRD, the fun application to change your face in real time is already in Android
    March 4, 2016

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