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    No it boils Google Play, although it is true that despite the alternative is still the best way to installing new applications. In addition to the markets we can always get unburden the. APK app in question. How can we get them? These apks come in handy when we want to share with someone a program directly via USB or other means other than link to link Google Play.

    MyAppSharer is a program available on Play Store you can get the APK from any application you have installed on our device , and then to share it via different routes, upload to Dropbox, via wifi or Bluetooth. The application also adds the ability to search and share multiple applications at once.

    The application is available for all Android devices 1.6 and up for free at Play Store.

    Yes, you should be warned that runs under the responsibility of each user sharing any. APK as there are two details to consider, broadcasting rights and security . Some details on Google Play is the company who is responsible for that are met but through MyAppSharer can not check.

    With MyAppSharer can get a backup as apk all our applications and save them in Dropbox to which we can access when we want. A very interesting application that

    we leave the link so you can get the apks more easily.

    What do you think? Do we really need something like having Google Play

    Application Google Play

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    MyAppSharer, download and share applications installed APKs
    January 21, 2014

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