Narcos deserves a second season, but we do not want

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    Narcos deserves a second season, but not we want

    Or why not want a second season of Pablo Escobar despite his loved history.

    Running the risk of being totally misinterpreted by this title, clarified once and I loved the first season of Narcos The last original released by Netflix which chronicles the life of world-renowned Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

    Already in Hypertext we talked a couple of times very positively about the series, my colleague Yvonne praised his style of classic detective story , and Javier said the highlight what this story and how Netflix level rises increasingly silver or lead . However, neither refers to what I personally disliked most.? You will have a second season

    What is the problem with a second season

    well Narcos clearly is an adaptation of facts of real life that many liberties taken (not a documentary, it’s a TV show that seeks to hook and entertain, using a very known very compelling story and real characters) is undeniable quality television. Simply sensational at all, as the facts are narrated as the story grabs you and how the characters develop. The problem is that they are only 10 episodes and apparently lacked a bit of time to finish the chapter Escobar, have left open-ended in terms of time and gives very little historical facts to tell.

    The last months of life of Pablo Escobar do not give as much as counted every year in the first season.

    I say this because in this first season We were told more than a decade in the life of Pablo Escobar , who has an entire criminal career which gives to possibly seven long that The Lord of the Rings trilogies, but Netflix has decided to start counting just as Escobar enters the world of drug trafficking. Our story ends the first part just as Paul escapes from prison, and in real life 17 months after it is caught by the Colombian police and killed in a shootout.

    This is not to say that 17 months We do not give chase for a second season quality, but if we compare the material of the first with the second, just falls short everywhere . A second season Narcos implies that producers and writers are going to take even more liberties with a lot of history, simply because there is little to tell and will have to invent something to put in another 10 episodes.

    Other Narco


    But nobody like me

    In my mind was the idea that Narcos be a series that would focus on an offender at a time. Drug lords in Lantinoamerica and the rest of the world, unfortunately abound, equally fascinating and macabre stories that give to much television. If Narcos had followed the format of 13 episodes that has most of the original Netflix, Extra those three episodes had more than enough to count the end of Pablo Escobar , another full season to focus only on the siege and his last hours, I see a little forced. He would have preferred to spend the next monster.

    Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe the second season is just as sensational as the first, with all its accents misplaced, Narcos has become one of the best series year. But I can not help feeling a concern like this, especially when we have seen stories diluted completely when returning from hiatus, because they simply do not have enough to count material.


    Narcos deserves a second season, but we do not want
    October 16, 2015

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