Natalie Portman, in a speech to university: “I’d rather be smart about a movie star”

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    • The actress ‘Black Swan’ gave a speech Wednesday to the recent graduates of Harvard University, who was also his home in the 90s.
    • In a country plagued by confessions and personal experiences speech, Portman said that “every time he opened his mouth, trying to prove he was not stupid”.

     Natalie Portman

    href=”” Natalie Portman on Wednesday took the stage of the prestigious Harvard University, which for years she was also his home, and went to the crowd of students who watched fascinated. The winner of an Oscar for Black Swan was in charge of devote a few words at the ceremony graduation , a speech in which he encouraged them to take risks and fight his insecurities , according to US Weekly .

    “The risk led me to one of my greatest professional achievements. But if I had known what my limitations were, I would not have risked,” he said in a its most sincere public appearances to date.

    Despite having won a prize from the Academy of Cinema, a successful career and even after having made the leap as a film director and screenwriter, the actress confessed fears that still have slowed. “Today I feel like when I got to Harvard for the first time in 1999. When I walked thought I had made a mistake, that was not smart enough to be here .”

    The actress, 33, who by then combined his studies in psychology with his career as an interpreter, explained that in his years of university student who was easily intimidated by the intelligence of their peers. He stressed that during his time at the prestigious university tried to show the world that was not just a simple actress. “ Every time he opened his mouth, trying to prove he was not just a silly actress .”

    The star of Star Wars said, well, which was heavily criticized for trying to reconcile small roles in television and movies with their studies in psychology. “I did not care if the university was going to ruin my career as an actress. I’d rather be smart than a movie star .”

    “dark years”

    Portman’s words were plagued confessions and experiences , in a speech in which he explained how difficult it was to adapt to the new competitive life of Harvard and it was exciting at the same time, live those years, that defines them as “somewhat dark”.

    “With 19 years I lived the first heartbreak, birth control pills she took gave me a bit of depression and being in the months of Winter without much light led me through a difficult time, “he said. This testimony served to further explain to students that, although there are difficult days and stages that seem impossible, must take risks and learn to trust themselves, because, ultimately, you can always find happiness.


    Natalie Portman, in a speech to university: “I’d rather be smart about a movie star”
    May 30, 2015

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