NBA 2K18: the best basketball game for Android also we will get very expensive

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    Nba 2k18

    The game of basketball more complete returns again. After trying 2K15, 2K16 and 2K17, come to our Android mobile 2K18, the latest version of a saga that has already become a classic. From this summer is available on other platforms and it has not been until mid-December that is finally for download from Google Play.

    In 2K18 we can embody the best players in the NBA, as well as access to the Euroleague. But the game goes far beyond that. We have various game modes not only to make matches, also to improve our player or franchise, to walk by the basketball courts and practice all kinds of movements. A game super full, with a few 3D graphics highlights but as is always the case is not free of problems.

    Controls Nba 2k

    If you’re interested in trying 2K18 on your mobile or Android tablet, you should know that its official price is 7,99 € , we must add an entire shopping list within the application. Micropayments and unfortunately it will be quite necessary if you want to get the best players, or at least with high scores.

    The game has changed many of its mechanics. We have better graphics but also new controls, of course, are adapted to the touch controls. The animations are more fluid, there are more movements and the best players such as Kyrie Irving of the excellent Boston Celtics are moved to a level of extreme detail.

    Nba2k 5

    The My career takes us to a story where our player will be getting better scores, when other rivals and evolving. A way different game and that has become one of the hallmarks of the NBA 2K franchise. In 2K18 continues to maintain this high level, although the reviews say that this career mode is more linear than on previous occasions.

    The mode association is another method of play. Here instead of taking a player we will have the management of a franchise. The goal is to over the years order to turn it into a team of legend within the NBA. You participate in the Draft, aspire to the PlayOffs, etc .. soundtrack NBA 2K18 takes us also to the courts, with a mix of songs of Shakira, Nas, Future or Kendrick Lamar.

    The journalists Sixto Miguel Serrano, Antoni Daimiel, Jorge Quiroga are in charge of narrating the matches in English, but is that for the English version, we are not short already that Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett put the voices. One more detail that exemplify the level of complexity and quality that offers 2K18.

    Nba2k 4

    however, the game is also created in such a way to gain VC (virtual currency) is one of the priority objectives. More coins to upgrade our player, with purchases built up to 49,99€.

    A pity that a game that already costs 7.99 euros come in addition with a system of micropayments so aggressive. A technique which unfortunately it has become the norm in many video games of the first level.

    NBA 2K18

    NBA 2K1836.0.1

    • Android Version: the 4.3
    • Developer: 2K, Inc.
    • Download: Google Play
    • Price: 7,99 US$
    • Category: the Sports

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    NBA 2K18: the best basketball game for Android also we will get very expensive
    December 22, 2017

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