NBC descancela ‘Timeless’: there will be a second season of the ministry of the time american

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  • Timeless

    Nobody should have been surprised too when this week announced cancellation of ‘Timeless’, as the series of NBC not marked data is too poor. The issue is that it seems that fans of the series have made enough noise for the chain to rethink its decision and grant a second season to this kind of ministry time-american still fishtailing your course plagiarism to the Spanish series.

    it Has been Eric Kripke, one of the creators of the series, the one in charge of giving the good news to the followers of ‘Timeless’, specifying in addition that the unexpected second season will consist of ten episodes. Surely I’m not the only one that this reminds him of what happened in his time with ‘Jericho’, where this miraculous comeback resulted in new episodes with even less viewers. We hope that not happen the same thing.

    The own Kripke wanted to clarify shortly after that in the end will not be issued necessarily in the summer of 2018, but at a date yet to be determined -what a way for NBC to cover your back if any of their releases of the upcoming midseason fails quite spectacularly?-. What is for sure is that at least the followers of ‘Timeless’ will have an answer for the cliffhanger that put an end to the first season.

    4.6 million viewers and a 1.1 in the demos, those were the middle of the first season, data which in and of itself invite you to think of a renewal to be issued by NBC. The problem is that lately line the 3 million viewers and an episode came down up to 0.6 in the ratings. I suspect that Sony, the production company, has been very generous in the negotiations for NBC will come out profitable…

    In Go Tele! | Jericho another example in which no case fans

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    NBC descancela ‘Timeless’: there will be a second season of the ministry of the time american
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    May 14, 2017

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