NBC is charging ‘Powerless’

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    I Remember that months ago the curiosity toward ‘Powerless’ was through the roof, especially after the good reception that had its pilot episode on the part of those who were able to see your first version. However, NBC is replaced by complete the series before its premiere and the result was a first episode unfortunate that sure scared him to many viewers. Even then he achieved a good result of hearing and the thing has gone worse, so NBC has decided to cargársela.

    On this occasion I have not chosen the word cancellation because NBC has signed up to the fashion every time more extended to avoid it at all costs. What he has done has been confirm the withdrawal of your grill series when you still had to be issued three episodes of its first and likely only season. So little happy should be on NBC with her that has decided that your place fills ‘Superstore’ and just before the casting of the repeated episodes of the series, led by America Ferrera.

    To give you an idea, the last episode aired of ‘Powerless’ managed just 2.1 million viewers and a meager 0.6 in the demo, allowing on the way to a million viewers and three tenths in the ratings on the chapter of ‘Superstore’ premiered just before. is The weird thing is that NBC has had so much patience to finish quitándosela above now.

    Patrick Schumacker, one of the showrunners of ‘Powerless’, commented in his twitter account that the series will not be issued this week or the next, and that is the only thing he knows for sure, but also that you can guess more things and that does not look good. is A pity that a project that sounded so interesting on paper you have finished this way, but I confess I’ll miss, that I got to see three episodes, and the improvement was minimal compared with the pilot.

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    In Go Tele! | ‘Powerless’ you could still molar despite its horrible pilot

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    NBC is charging ‘Powerless’
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    April 26, 2017

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