Netflix accuses the cinema of ignoring the viewers to make them wait “six or eight months to see a movie”

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    Netflix accuses the cinema of ignoring the viewers to make them wait

    these days you’ve been looking for ‘Rome’ among the novelties of the billboard or in the catalog of Netflix. The new and award-winning film Alfonso Cuarón premiered in theaters this Wednesday and will reach all households subscribed to Netflix the next day 14; however, the more likely it is that you can not choose where to watch it because the majority of exhibitors have decided to veto the film.

    The cinema chains, are opposed to the idea of the platform, which is committed to shorten the time between the release in traditional theaters and the release on VOD and services of streaming. the Ted Sarandos, chief content officer of Netflix, cree that your system can coexist with the exhibitors and accused of being anchored in the past, a disservice to the industry with his intransigence and moving to the public of movies you might be interested in seeing.

    Ted Sarandos

    “you Have been disconnected to the people in the movies, in a certain way. I don’t think that is very tailored to the consumer to do that, those who do not live near a cinema, you wait six or eight months to see a movie.”

    “I do Not deny that going to the cinema to see a movie is a great experience. I don’t think that emotionally it is a different experience to watch a movie on Netflix. It is a physical experience is different, of course.”

    let us Remember that the Cannes film Festival has faced to Netflix to hinder their access to the section’s official: you can’t competirse for the Golden Palm, without distribution in the cinemas French. The trap is that the French law provides that there is to wait three years from the premiere in the cinemas for a movie to be released in streaming; the French would not have been able to see what’s new with Cuarón on Netflix until the year 2021. Evidently, the company not interested in the least and most did not accept that ‘Rome’ were putting up a good in Cannes despite the pleas of the contest.

    so Much for their goal of achieving nominations in the awards season as well as by its desire to attract filmmakers of prestige, Netflix is experimenting with different formulas in order to bring the public closer to their films on the big screen, and play according to the rules. Have already agreed to schedule premieres in theaters in the united States prior to the launch on their platform, starting with ‘The ballad of Buster Scruggs’, the new the Coen brothers, and now it is the turn of ‘Rome.’

    The same way will continue to ‘The Irishman’, the long-awaited next work of Martin Scorsese. Sarandos says that when the directors ask them to premiere in cinemas, thinks that the “are saying: I want my movie to be part of the culture. I want people to talk about my film in the queue of Starbucks“. The executive believes that the “probably 80% of the people who go to the movies are also subscribers of Netflix“, which considers that there should be no problem in having films in both spaces. What do you think?

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    The news Netflix blames movie theaters to ignore the viewers to make them wait “six or eight months to see a movie” was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    Netflix accuses the cinema of ignoring the viewers to make them wait “six or eight months to see a movie”
    December 7, 2018

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