Netflix announces new series of Spanish horror: ‘Soul’

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    Netflix announces new series of Spanish horror: 'Soul'

    After surviving a bus accident that killed most of his colleagues of the institute, the Soul wakes up in a hospital with no memories of the accident or of his past. His parents are unknown and his house a place full of secrets and mysteries.

    That is the promising premise of ‘Soul‘, the new series of Spanish production for Netflix. Its creators, Sergio G. Sanchez (‘The secret of Marrowbone‘) Teresa de Rosendo (‘Sweet Home‘) and Paul Pen (‘The notice‘), well known to the genre that promise to offer.

    “the’Soul’ explores my favorite topics; the journey from childhood to maturity, the threshold between life and death, the emotional space where reality merges with fantasy. But on this occasion I have a larger canvas that you will give me the opportunity to extend the narrative to multiple layers of frames interconnected through a larger number of people,” says Sergio G. Sánchez.

    The secret of Marrowbone

    The series will feature ten episodes of fifty minutes and will be produced by Belén Atienza (‘Jurassic World: The kingdom fallen’), Sandra Hermida (‘Arde Madrid‘, ‘The secret of Marrowbone’) and Jesus de la Vega (‘Intruders’)

    Premiere in 2020

    it is Still too soon to know more details about the production, since that will not begin to be recorded and issued until 2020, but Belén Atienza is very pleased: “It is a joy and a privilege for us to join forces with Netflix to bring to the screen a universe of fiction so exuberant and innovative as Sergio G. Sánchez. Viewers around the world will be captivated by it thanks to a narrative only one that finds emotion more pure and true in the darkest corners”.

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    Netflix announces new series of Spanish horror: ‘Soul’
    November 7, 2018

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