Netflix continues to canceling the series: ‘Gypsy’ will not have second season

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    Netflix is becoming more and more demanding with their series, in part because you need space (and money) for your next bets, but also because not all of their releases work just as well. Just a few hours gave us a joy with the renewal of ‘GLOW’ and now comes the other side of the coin, since you have decided to cancel to ‘Gypsy’so you will not have second season.

    What is striking about this case is that it really it seemed that the company was very interested in moving forward with it, because Netflix had had several conversations with his producers before making this decision. In fact, a room of writers had been active for a month, working on storylines and scripts for a second season that already we’ll never get to see.

    Premiered last June 30, ‘Gypsy’ is not managed to a great critical backup and neither has it been one of those titles, as mentioned that only for this it worth to go ahead. It was in a dangerous no-man’s land that has come to be his conviction. A shame it has gone something like this, which is the first series starring Naomi Watts in 20 years -in 1997 led ‘Sleepwalk’ with a similar fate, as they hardly came to be nine episodes-. We can still see it in ‘Twin Peaks’, yes.

    By the way, ‘Gypsy’ becomes the second series premiere of 2017 cancelled by Netflix -the first was ‘Girlboss’-. The rest are already renovated –‘A series of catastrophic misfortunes’. the ’13 reasons’, ‘One Day at a Time’, ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, ‘Dear White People’ and ‘GLOW’- or its future is still up in the air. I imagine that the following that we will have news is ‘Ozark’, the thriller starring Jason Bateman, which premiered last July 21.

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    The news Netflix continues to canceling the series: ‘Gypsy’ will not have second season was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Netflix continues to canceling the series: ‘Gypsy’ will not have second season
    August 13, 2017

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