New Android malware attacking Windows computers and steal our conversations

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  • Kaspersky Labs has just published a report that warns of two applications that have been discovered malware on Google Play. These softwares not only affect our smartphone they can also access our computers and steal our conversations and personal information. Caution

    Android Malware-2

    One of the main problems facing Android is malware. Beyond Google has taken measures against malware, this is still one of the main concerns of all users and more so after they learn of this news.

    In a recent report, Kaspersky has reported that two applications have been found Google Play Cleaning in realiad are malware. It is “DroidCleaner” and “SuperClean”, two of the many cleaners that is in the store that promise wipe the device of all garbage and improve its performance.

    Android Malware

    Now, what do these applications? After download and install, multiplatform releases a Trojan that affects not only you but also your PC Android. The application connects to an external server, download a few files and places them on the SD card and then, when you connect the device to your computer via USB, the application will have access to the PC microphone and you hear your conversations, encrypt files and send them to another server. This really scares you?

    If you think that’s too bad, here are some of the things that can make these two applications :

    Send SMS

    Enable Wi-Fi

  • collect information about the device
  • arbitrarily Open links in browser
  • Upload content

  • SD card
  • Upload files such as contacts, photos, videos, etc to an external server
  • Upload and delete SMS
  • In most reported cases, the malware affected low-end devices, but also we are all under threat. So you know, I always say but once more will not hurt: be careful what you download on your Android!

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    Via: Securelist

     Android Malware Android Malware-2

    New Android malware attacking Windows computers and steal our conversations
    February 5, 2013

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