New demo playable in Mighty Gunvolt Burst

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    The study performs an emission line centered in the game.

    Inti-Creates has made a broadcast in line centered on the gameplay of Mighty Gunvolt Burst, game launched for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. The title will be launched this month of June in all the world: the version to Switch will debut on the 15th of June and the Nintendo 3DS will own the 29 of June. In both cases, the game will be sold for 9,99 euros.


    The video shows us the gameplay of this title through the broadcast from Japan for the study of development. This release introduces new features, such as a system of character development. In turn, it also features a new Burst Combo, which adds bonus score when you are knocked down foes.

    As could not be otherwise, the game will return to join to Gunvolt and Beck, Might Not. 9, a title of intense action with extensive customization options for the player.

    New demo playable in Mighty Gunvolt Burst

    New demo playable in Mighty Gunvolt Burst
    June 4, 2017

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