New offerings on the PS Store in the united States

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    With Halloween-themed.

    Sony has launched new deals on PlayStation Store, in this case for the united States and with the theme of Halloween -the second week of Leaves of the Dead-. We remind you that in Europe there are also deals until the 1st of November.

    There are over 100 games available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, you can see in the Store.

    Among the most important titles are the following:

    PlayStation 4

    Alien: Isolation (8,99$ )
    Diablo III: Eternal Collection (41,99$ )
    Goat Simulator: Goatz (1,99$ )
    Killing Floor 2 (19,99$ )
    Metal Slug Anthology (9,99$ )
    Prey (29,99$ )
    Psychonauts (3,49$ )
    The Evil Within Digital Bundle (17,99$ )
    The Last of Us Remastered (11,99$ )

    PlayStation 3

    BioShock (4,99$ )
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (3,49$ )
    Dead Space (7,49$ )
    Red Dead Redemption, and Undead Nightmare Collection (13,99$ )
    Resident Evil 2 (2,09$ )
    Silent Hill (3,59$ )
    Siren (3,49$ )
    The House of the Dead 4 (5,99$ )

    PS Vita

    Grim Fandango Remastered (4,49$ )
    Silent Hill: Book of Memories (10,49$ )
    The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (7,99$ )
    Zeo Exhaust: Virtue”s Last Reward (12,49$ )

    New deals in the PS Store of the united States

    New offerings on the PS Store in the united States
    October 25, 2017

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