New versions of the Sony SmartWatch 2: FIFA World Cup and Silver metal

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    sony smartwatch February 2

    Sony was one of the first major manufacturers to create smart watches, the first attempt of its SmartWatch was not too successful, but later, in mid-2013, presented its second version, the Sony SmartWatch 2 . A few months ago we published our full scan of this device for day to day, perfect to have all our phone notifications directly on the wrist, without being constantly consulting it. Recall technical features the Sony SmartWatch 2:

    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • NFC for quick pairing (One Touch) with terminal
    • Compatible with Android 4.0 and later
    • Load micro USB
    • Resistant (in a way) to water (IP57) and dust
    • black silicone strap or steel, interchangeable
    • LCD 1.6 inch resolution of 220 x 176 px

    Two new versions

    Now, as pointing from Xperia Blog , Sony plans to introduce two new variants of design in two SmartWatch. The first is to mark the upcoming World Cup to be held in Brazil therefore be marketed a version with a fabric strap design with flag the country, with more sporty look.

    sony smartwatch February 1

    The other new model is likely to compete with the new recent version steel Pebble , as they add a belt metal very similar to the existing black version, which gives a much more elegant touch silver .

    All other features remain intact and are expected to hit the market during the month of March at an approximate price of 130 pounds, about 158 ​​€ to change. If you already have one or you are thinking of buying it, here’s a collection of best apps available for Sony SmartWatch 2.

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    New versions of the Sony SmartWatch 2: FIFA World Cup and Silver metal
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    February 4, 2014

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