Nintendo 3DS is the console most sold in Japan during 2016

PS4 is the only one that improves on the figures of 2015.

Media Create has updated the data annually and global sales of consoles in the japanese market after offering the sales of the last week of the year 2016, with the PS4 as the leader of the close of the year.

however, the console most sold in 2016 has been Nintendo 3DS with 1.9 million consoles. The laptop does not reach the 2.3 million which sold in 2015, but reinforces its position as the most sold in the japanese market with a cumulative total of 22.1 million consoles sold.

PlayStation 4 itself can boast of being the only one that has increased their sales with respect to 2015: if the past year amounted to 1.330.410 consoles sold, in 2016, has touched 1.8 million.

The chart of console sales in Japan corresponding to 2016 is as follows (indicated in brackets cumulative total of each system since launch):

Nintendo 3DS: 1.974.743 (22.160.745)
PlayStation 4: 1.799.586 (4.100.667)
PlayStation Vita: 849.669 (5.443.067)
Wii U: 292.546 (3.313.209)
PlayStation 3: 61.688 (10.449.768)
Xbox One: 11.692 (75.584)

The sales of PS4 are divided in 2016 between 1.669.060 units of the standard model and 130.526 model Pro, released in the last months of the year.

For its part, the sales of 2016 Nintendo 3DS are divided into 1.357.877 New Nintendo 3DS XL, 288.609 Nintendo 2DS (to be released in Japan this year), 248.560 New Nintendo 3DS, 13.140 Nintendo 3DS XL and 66.557 Nintendo 3DS.

As you can see, the data is located -as is usual – with those furnished by the japanese magazine Famitsu and which collects Enterbrain, that already I offered a few days.

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Nintendo 3DS is the console most sold in Japan during 2016
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