Nintendo and reviews, consoles: A look at their latest portable

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    After the rumors of a new Switch model, we look at the past of Nintendo.

    This week the journal Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo is preparing a new model of Switch to 2019, which will arrive in the second half of the year, and could renew the screen, improving the battery and other features, which they say are yet to be defined.

    This important news is not much of a surprise to anyone, because it is a tradition that Nintendo renewed quite often their portable consoles, but not the desktop. Bearing in mind that Switch is a hybrid of both concepts, there is still plenty of uncertainty about what is going to be your face model future revisions.

    This new Switch model will arrive approximately in summer of 2019, more than two years after the original release of the console in march of 2017, a margin of time, as we will see below is already higher than the adopted with its previous laptops.

    then we review the history of revisions and new models of the Nintendo DS and 3DS that covers the last thirteen years, something that can give us clues of the best that will also adopt the new model of Nintendo Switch.

    Note: release dates are european.

    original Release of the Nintendo DS: march 2005

    After the huge success of its earlier portable consoles, the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, Nintendo decided to risk with your new laptop, Nintendo DS, and wanted a concept of a different game: the double screen, one touch.

    But now that a portable device has a touch screen it seems to us the most normal thing in the world, was not at all in 2005, and in fact with this bet was brought forward two years to the iPhone, the Apple device that changed mobile phones forever.

    The market received with warm enthusiasm the concept of the Nintendo DS, and is the second console more sold of the history with almost 155 million units sold.

    Nintendo DS Lite: June 2006

    a Little over a year after the release of the Nintendo DS, there comes a great and accurate review, Nintendo DS Lite, that was the final push for the console became a runaway success.

    This new model reduced its size significantly, a 21% lighter than the original DS, with a design more stylish and elegant, improving in addition to the screens, and adding a regular brightness, and without losing any of the original functions.

    Nintendo DSi: April 2009

    Nintendo DS Lite it worked so well that Nintendo took it with calm to bring out a new revision of the console, and it took nearly three years, something unusual in recent history.

    In the spring of 2009 came the Nintendo DSi, which among other improvements added two cameras to be able to make photos, improved power hardware, and allowed the digital store DSiWare, where we could download games and apps, something you couldn’t do in the previous models of Nintendo DS. This model removed the cartridge slot of the Game Boy Advance.

    Nintendo DSi XL: march 2010

    This improved model of the Nintendo DSi came a year later, and basically extended size of the console, with screens of 4.2 inches, also improving your angle of vision. As we will see later, from here the launch two sizes of the same model of console became commonplace in the portable Nintendo.

    original Release of the Nintendo 3DS-march 2011

    After the huge success of Nintendo DS and Wii, Nintendo was forced to try to innovate with their new console, and bet on the three dimensions, in full swing at that time much in the film as in video games, but as we have seen, is a technology that was falling into oblivion with the passing of the years.

    This gimmick don’t work as well as they imagined, and in addition, the context was a market in full fever of the smartphone and mobile gaming against the that also competed in this occasion.

    To push their sales just launched, five months later, had to drastically reduce the price of the console, of the 250 euros original to 170 €.

    Nintendo 3DS XL: July 2012

    a Little over a year after came the first review, Nintendo 3DS XL, which favoured two screens, a 90% larger, and a stronger battery. A model that was very well received by the players more dedicated, and that helped a lot 3DS to consolidate.

    Nintendo 2DS: October, 2013

    If the XL model had raised the price of the console, Nintendo 2DS offered an alternative economic, which removed the 3D effect that had not finished curdle.

    This model in addition to eliminate the possibility to fold and close, something that came offering Nintendo on their portable dual-screen since 2005.

    New Nintendo 3DS: February 2015

    Nintendo made the most important renewal of the 3DS since its launch, expanding power of your processor and memory RAM, enhancing the 3D effect, offering compatibility with the amiibo to integrate NFC technology, and incorporating new buttons, as the higher ZR and ZL, and the inclusion in the right-hand side of the lever C, a stick to move the camera in some games, one of the shortcomings of initial console.

    This model by having more power had exclusive games, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, but this in the end was almost anecdotal, and there have been very few titles with this feature.

    In Japan and Europe came in addition to two models, the standard and a few more big, the XL.

    New Nintendo 2DS XL: July 2017

    And this is up to the time of the last revision of a Nintendo handheld, New Nintendo 2DS XL, a console with practically the same characteristics as the model New, although a little lighter than the New Nintendo 3DS XL, and whose main difference is remove the 3D effect, lowering your cost.

    How will the review of the Nintendo Switch?

    According to the Wall Street Journal it is still not clear how will be the review of Switch, and they say that Nintendo is still considering different options, assessing costs of the revised model.

    it Is speculated the use of best technology on the screen, although it seems it would keep the use of LCD and not bet on OLED technology. The goal would be to get a finer screen, and consume less, which reduce weight and extend the life of the battery.

    you Might opt for the rumored Nintendo Switch reduced price, or by a premium, in the style of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, with more power and improve its characteristics.

    what is your bet for the revision of Nintendo Switch?

    Nintendo and reviews, consoles: A look at their latest laptops

    Nintendo and reviews, consoles: A look at their latest portable
    October 6, 2018

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