Nintendo eShop integrates with payment Suica cards

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  • NFC cards are used, for example, to pay for public transport.
    Nintendo has built in Japan using Suica cards to pay for digital content on Wii U via NFC functionality integrated GamePad controller on the console. The service will be available from July 22 .
    Suica cards are payment cards proximity thanks to NFC technology used in Japan especially for public transport.
    Now these cards can be used in Japan to make payments on the eShop, so it is not necessary to enter credit card details or recharge the prepaid virtual wallet cards manually.
    Japanese users may use different types of cards, because there are multiple brands by region of the country. Furthermore, be a loyalty program that will one Suica point for every 200 yen spent.
    This type of card under different names and trademarks used in multiple countries world with similar functions, often linked to public transport pass.
    Nintendo eShop integrates payment cards with Suica


    Nintendo eShop integrates with payment Suica cards
    July 19, 2014

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