Nintendo still does not work in the next The Legend of Zelda

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    Although Aonuma already have some ideas for the game.

    on the occasion of the Japan Expo in Paris, the current maintainer of the series The Legend of Zelda has visited France to talk about the saga, the development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has yet to receive a second major downloadable content, and the future of the license of Nintendo.

    The future of The Legend of Zelda

    we do Not have plans currently for future games The Legend of Zelda. We are still far from that. In this moment I’m in the process of collecting new ideas for a possible sequel, but I can’t do it alone. it Is a lot of work and has to be performed for a long period of time” explains Aonuma in an interview with Gamereactor.

    Aonuma insists that, for the moment, have not taken steps to define the next installment of the series and considers that it is still too early to do so: “We are far yet to plan anything. Let us more time.” Breath of the Wild was put on sale last march for Wii U and Nintendo Switch and is one of the featured games of the year.

    however, the designer you already have some idea that might apply in the next game. One of the concepts that most calls the attention is the Vibration HD Nintendo Switch and their possible uses in a game like the saga of Link: “For example, you can pick up an object and feel it thanks to the system of vibrations.”


    “It’s an interesting approach to the players and adds more realism. Simply had to design the scenes around that. The only problem about that is that the technology has just arrived and that to use it would be to have differences with regard to Wii U. Both versions of the Zelda should be identical sets. What we will use in the next game of Zelda“, adds the japanese.

    we do Not know what will come in the next game of the saga of Link, what we do know is the amount of hidden secrets in the Breath of the Wild.

    Nintendo still doesn't work in the next Legend of Zelda

    Nintendo still does not work in the next The Legend of Zelda
    July 10, 2017

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