Nintendo will open in autumn its first store in Japan

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  • Will be in the Shibuya Parco, in the city of Tokyo.

    Nintendo will open up his own store in the center of Tokyo. It will be the first official store of Nintendo in japan, as until now only had the facilities of New York.

    The store will open this fall and will be in the Shibuya Parco, a large commercial building in the neighborhood which is currently closed but will open its doors soon. In fact, it is expected that the opening of the store of Nintendo is to coincide with the reopening of doors in Shibuya Parco.

    Be known as Nintendo Tokyo and sell games and consoles, but also merchandising officer. Events will be held and there will be demos exclusive for the attendees.

    The goal is to convert the store in a form of communication with the japanese fans, so that they can go and learn more about the brand, its products and enjoy the products.

    Nintendo will open in autumn its first store in Japan
    February 1, 2019

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