Nintendo will stop making its Wii U console this week

Multiple sources would confirm.

Nintendo would stop production of Wii U, its current home console, this same Friday, according to sources consulted by Eurogamer. His successor, Nintendo Switch, will be released in march 2017.

The end of an era that started in 2012

day 30 of September, and according to the latest data from the company nippon, Nintendo has distributed 13.36 million Wii U. In comparison, the figures of Wii U pale with 21 million of the GameCube, the 32 million machines achieved by the Nintendo 64 or the impressive 101 million obtained by the phenomenon Wii.

The production line japanese would close this week

In this way, the production line japanese will close this same seman, receiving the latest orders by certain distributors, that yes in very small numbers.

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Nintendo will stop making its Wii U console this week
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