No, Apple, ResearchKit has not driven the largest study of párkinson

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    No, Apple, ResearchKit has not driven the greatest study on Parkinson

    Apple has presented the first results achieved ResearchKit, the platform that facilitates clinical research, by the CareKit project.

    the event Apple , in which the Cupertino have skipped their own script presenting the iPhone SE , has also left room for health. The company Tim Cook has presented the progress made with ResearchKit , the open source project announced the year past with Apple entered fully into biomedical research.

    ResearchKit is a environment open source software , by scientists and developers can join forces create specific applications for each clinical trial. In April last year showed the primeras Apps to investigate problems such as asthma, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s. Months later, Apple announced that the plataforma also help to study autism, epilepsy and melanoma in collaboration with scientists from Duke University and Johns Hopkins University.

    First results of ResearchKit … and CareKit

    the great advantage of ResearchKit was based on transforming the iPhone a key tool in clinical research. And according to the results presented today, it seems to work. Apple has said that the open source project has managed to boost “the largest study of Parkinson’s history.” The results of the work on párkinson, obtained thanks to the mPower , were published in the journal Scientific Data a few days ago. By using ResearchKit, the study enrolled more than 9,000 participants.

    The announcement of the company, however, must be qualified. And is that a boosted in 2011 by the Institutos National Health of the United States was assisted 33,000 people to deepen the genetic origin of this neurodegenerative disease. However, there is no doubt that ResearchKit can increase the active participation of users and collection of data by scientists


    According to Jeff Williams , COO of Apple,” medical researchers around the world are using the iPhone to advance knowledge of complex diseases. Moreover, thanks to the constant support of the open source community, the possibilities of the iPhone in medical research are endless. ” The Cupertino have also released several progress thanks to this open source environment. In the case of the diabetes , for example, ResearchKit has helped meet several subtypes which could be classified disease.

    The collaboration with the company 23andMe has also allowed include genetic data in studies that help deepen understanding about postpartum depression, asthma or cardiovascular disease. The results of these investigations have not yet been published in any scientific journal, so they should be treated with caution.


    In line with this platform, Apple has also introduced CareKit , a software environment designed to allow users to actively manage their own medical ailments using developers. Thus patients can control their treatment, monitor your symptoms and share information directly with medical professionals.

    These options allow the user to make a more active in your health status monitoring . The first four modules CareKit used to monitor their individual medical plans (Care Card), record their symptoms (Symptom and Measurement Tracker), monitor the effects of therapy in relation to ailments (Insight Dashboard) and facilitate the exchange of information doctors and relatives (Connect). The Cupertino have already announced the collaboration of entities such as Texas Medical Center or startups as Glow, Inc. to facilitate the implementation of CareKit, similar to what happened last year with ResearchKit way.


    No, Apple, ResearchKit has not driven the largest study of párkinson
    March 21, 2016

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