Not, ‘It’ is not the horror film highest grossing of the history (yet)

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    This week has been published in numerous media of the Internet, the news that ‘It’ has become the horror film highest grossing of the story. In reality is not, yet. Warner is selling the skin of the bear before you get the hang of it… though to be fair, they have it cornered, wounded, and in the spotlight.

    The truth is that ‘It’ has achieved, today, the record of the film of “pure terror” highest-grossing of all time in the united States after overcoming the collection of ‘The exorcist’ (‘The Exorcist’, 1973). That is to say, Warner only takes into account the market, “domestic” and what they consider as a true genre of horror, leaving out titles that give you fear but that it can fit in other genres.

    For example, the study does not believe that ‘It’ competes in the same terrain that is ‘Shark ” (‘Jaws’, 1975) or ‘The sixth sense’ (‘The Sixth Sense’, 1999), among many others. That said, the adaptation of the novel by Stephen King leads to 236 million dollars in the U.S., in less than three weeks, so it is very possible that at the pace that will achieve the crown at the end of her commercial career.

    Something similar happens on the international market. the ‘It’ has not yet exceeded the overall figure of ‘The exorcist’, whose proceeds amounted to 441 million, but it is a matter of time you get (for the moment it has surpassed the 400). More difficult it would be if we include ‘The sixth sense’ as a horror film as the film of M. Night Shyamalan had revenues of 672,8 million during his triumphal pass by the billboards all over the world.

    finally, there are those who subtract merit to this kind of record of which it boasts often the Hollywood industry because you do not have on account of inflation. If the adjust is that ‘It’, with 45M$ in the US, would be very far from reaching the figure of ‘The exorcist’, which made 182M$ in 1973. In any case, the phenomenon of ‘It’ is evident, and I think that is a great news for both the gender (its slope “R”, for over 18 years) as for the cinema in general, after a summer of surprising drought at the box office.

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    The news No, ‘It’ is not the horror film highest grossing of the history (yet) was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    Not, ‘It’ is not the horror film highest grossing of the history (yet)
    September 22, 2017

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