Ok Google, now that you have placed order with Google Pay, is the time to do it with the music

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    Google decided yesterday that it was a good time to put an order in for their payment services with the mobile solutions and contactless for put everything together under the Google brand Pay. A welcome step for those of Mountain View have never been known for being very good with everything that is baptize services and eliminate duplication.

    it May be on Google have been raised as a new year’s resolution to give back to your strategy names and put a little order to all the options and services that are available both internationally and locally. If this is really so, hopefully, it’s time to tackle the mess that they have with their music services: four services and all of them very similar.

    Google, where I listen to your music?

    Google Play Music

    Let us place ourselves in the role of a new user in Android who decides to use the services that Google offers to listen to music. You have already ruled out third-party options such as Deezer or Spotify and the option to load your phone with songs passed by a computer is not a viable. If we are missing where to find this person, we have a total of four options:

    • Google Play Music: the most well-known by all.
    • YouTube Music: for those who like to use YouTube as a music service, and video clips.
    • YouTube Network: also serves to listen to music and also his name looks too much like that of a service well-known of videos of adult content.
    • Google Play Store: you can buy songs in MP3 and listen to them on Google Play Music.

    Google offers four ways to listen to music and there is also the problem that they are not complementary but rather that are competition for each other. Nor does it help that, from a usability perspective though of user, there are four different applications to access all the content, even though you only pay a single subscription of 10 dollars a month or 9,99 euros at the exchange.

    The price is one of the points that most confusion generated: when you pay for a subscription to Google Play Music, few people know that you also have access to all the payment platforms of YouTube and upside down, who pays the service fee of streaming video are unaware that they can access music free of charge if you use the same account.

    There are small differences in each service, in some cases big ones like Google Play Music or YouTube Network, and in other cases smaller as YouTube Music and Network. From a business perspective means in addition to keep four different divisions, updated four services and respond to the thousands of users of each one of them.

    Listen to music with Google has many options but none of them have done to succeed. Play Music, to lack of data, far away from the 70 million of Spotify. YouTube is extremely well-known but their payment models not so much.

    we Also have, by going back to talk of the geography, the drawback is that the value of the service that is paid is not the same in all sites: someone who is paying ten dollars in the united States and have access to all three platforms, receives more than one who, for example, pay ten euros in Spain to have only the Google Play Music. There is that highlight that the management of rights is not easy and, at the time you end up coming to balance the scales but to this day, it is what it is.

    in Addition, in some cases there is some dispute, why would I pay for a song or a whole album, if you probably have the content when I pay for a monthly subscription? If we were to talk about physical format I could understand but today the digital offerings of Google is so succulent that doesn’t make much sense to pay for to buy a license “for always,” and with the thorn of being a digital content, in the event that Google were to disappear, that purchase also.

    The union will bring strength to the music from Google

    Youtube Music

    Probably, if we think of music services in streaming the first two names that come to head are Spotify and Apple Music. Google has a good service, although if we talk about your app Play Music, have a lot to improve. Its greatest value is the catalog and the hegemony that they occupy: they have the biggest platform of video streaming, have the rights to more than 30 million songs, the main video clips in the world are there…

    If Google put a bit of order to its music service, improves the availability of the catalog by regions and focuses efforts in an application, you have many solid arguments to convince us that their platform, and not the competition’s, is the best possible option to listen to our songs and albums favorites.

    After the buzz of summer, we have not returned to know anything about this supposed convergence. Maybe when it is near the I/O will have news?

    This convergence is something more than a personal wish, the past year was already talking of this thesis in the form of rumors and how to Google would be thinking of joining a YouTube Network with the Google Play Music, leaving YouTube Music out of the equation. Probably devoured by his other twin brother.

    at the moment is just that, a rumor which has already spent a lot of time and that has not become to know nothing yet. Now, if Google Pay is a trend, and we’re going to see more mergers like that, really we hope that what we spoke in the summer of 2017 would not be in vain and let’s look at the desired and necessary union.

    The challenge of defining the path

    Youtube Music

    we Talked of the union, of the duplication and the rumors to converge all but how could Google do really? Merge, everything is more difficult than it may seem if that the Mountain View looking for is to offer something of value and not just delete applications. Videos and music are products that are consumed in different ways.

    Mount all under one app may not be the way but one option is to stop the music on one side and have YouTube on the other, with your subscription built in, to the video. In the part of video streaming have been defined very well his vertical: The content in general, Children, Games and Música. In the case of infants, it makes sense that there is an app separate from the point of view of use but the rest could stay where it is.

    the Google Play Music still makes sense as is, but a patch to fix several bugs and errors will not come wrong. With all of that and making it clear that for 10 euros a month you have access to a music streaming service, to be able to download all the YouTube videos, you can see them without commercials and with the screen turned off, they will have a formidable competitor for 2018. The year has just started and I hope that Google Pay is not a mirage.

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    Ok Google, now that you have placed order with Google Pay, is the time to do it with the music
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    January 9, 2018

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