OmniFocus for iPad becomes universal and is optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus

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    OmniFocus for iPad becomes universal and is optimized for iPhone 6 Plus

    With this update OmniFocus becomes not only universal, but it finally brings parity between iPhone and iPad features and landscape mode for users iPhone 6 Plus

    In early January announced Omnigroup in your blog its intention to bring all their productivity applications to the iPhone during the first part of the year, and not only that, but they would in the form of universal app. Until then Omnigroup had not found him the sense to create a version of “pocket” of its productivity apps, however the arrival of the new iPhone 4.7 “and 5.5” made them change their minds. During the last three weeks we have seen OmniOutliner, Omnigraffle and Omniplan have become universal applications after adapting its interface to the iPhone and this week it is the turn to OmniFocus.

    The version of iPhone will not be abandoned With the first three step app has been relatively simple, just an update was released and those who had bought iPad could enjoy the app on your iPhone without having to pay. However with OmniFocus movement has been much more complex: the app was available on both devices and therefore there are users who have bought both

     02/04/2015 11.29.47 Therefore Omnigroup has decided to launch a” program “update with which try to satisfy all users to change. The first thing to note is that iPhone version of OmniFocus will not be abandoned , from Omnigroup have said they will continue to receive support and updates (soon will come the v2.5) with most of developments in the universal version. However, recommend new users to directly acquire the universal version. For the program update these are the conditions that have been set:

    • Those who have purchased both apps may request that they return $ 10 , the price difference will exist between the universal version and what they were costing both versions separately. The refund will be made by Paypal or by a certificate issued by an American bank check. To request the return will have to justify the purchase.
    • For the holders of the iPhone version wanting to upgrade to the Universal version they will save 50% or what is the same, which paid for the app, via a bundle that includes both apps.
    • At that once bought OmniFocus for iPhone v1 are give away the Pro version of OmniFocus 2 as “upgrade discount.” They will have to be installed at the same time v1 to v2 so this detects and In-app purchase cross from € 19.99 to € 0.

    Upgrade Program aside, the “universalization” of OmniFocus for iPad brings many more news that the “whole package” of both versions. Since the interface was already adapted to the screen of the iPhone, the vast majority of efforts of developers have gone to create a feature parity in both versions. So far, while the iPad version kept very close in terms of capabilities Mac version of the iPhone version was seen as a “little brother”. From the v2.2 No more having to switch devices to use certain features.

    If we are to those reviewing all assignments each week, he ended up having to use our Mac or iPad this task. Once we update will not have to wait to get home to stop evaluate our progress of the week, we can do it comfortably anywhere or free time we have, whether on the subway or in a cafe. Those who have purchased the Pro version will also enjoy the customized on your iPhone , where can our group and filter tasks by context, project delivery date or any extra information perspectives we add to that home work. With this also comes the possibility of reorganizing the home screen to our liking. Another new “Pro” in this version is the ability to customize the information displayed in the widget, choosing between tasks due today or any custom perspective

    Lastly has been improved synchronization , which is now more efficient than ever and has improved the design horizontally for users of iPhone 6 Plus can enjoy the extra space when using mobile “lying”. In this mode the app happens to have a more similar to the iPad app look using two columns, one for navigation and one for the tasks.

    If you liked, OmniFocus for iOS (Universal ) is available on the App Store for 39,99€.


    OmniFocus for iPad becomes universal and is optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus
    April 2, 2015

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