One Touch PIXI 7. The new low-cost tablet Alcatel

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    Alcatel announced in the MWC 2014 also enter the tablet market economic and made it through the front door. The new One Touch tablet PIXI 7 boasts a very remarkable performance considering the price it will have on the market, nothing more and nothing less than € 79 . A bargain available July .

    amazing for its price Features

    benefits incorporating this new tablet Alcatel seem implausible to the price at which it is sold. It was compared with other manufacturers that have an economic tablet on the market, this new tablet this Chinese manufacturer is a worthy competitor. Screen 7 inch qHD and dual core Mediatek processor. Definitely surprised by that price.

    • 7 inch qHD display
    • Mediatek Processor Dual-Core 1.2 GHz
    • RAM 512MB/1GB depending on the area to be sold (in Spain it will be the 1GB model)
    • Android 4.4 KitKat
    • 4GB internal storage expandable via microSD card
    • rear and 0.3 MP front camera
    • 2,840 mAh battery
    • IR Ports

    Alcatel, being a Chinese manufacturer these prices may allow retail because their production costs are lower than the other manufacturers. The fact that this manufacturer is placed on the market for the cheapest tablets makes some manufacturers such as BQ or Google have to be careful.


    low end, a market untapped


    The tablet market is full of devices with good performance for the price sold, surpassing the most cases € 150 If you want to buy a is “good, nice and cheap.”

    That Alcatel has joined the tablet party is not good news for other manufacturers , as it can launch devices similar benefits to there but at a lower price. However, some people think that the Chinese devices are of poor quality and break look, but in the case of Alcatel no. The Asian manufacturer has demonstrated with its latest smartphones the quality of their equipment is not bad so why would be their tablets?

    If we look at the market Budget smartphones, manufacturers are already fighting for the $ 50 device and despite having benefits a few years ago, the quality is not bad. Just offer a fairly good smartphone for less demanding buyers and do not want to leave much money on a new smartphone. Why not extrapolate this to the tablet market?

    In my opinion, Alcatel entry into this market is terrific. Now many users will have a tablet with a decent performance with which to play or check e.

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    One Touch PIXI 7. The new low-cost tablet Alcatel
    February 28, 2014

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